Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taking back a stolen locker

Someone stole my locker and I took it back!

On August 31st I went onto a locker selection website and selected a locker. A was sent a confirmation email confirming that the locker was successfully assigned to me. It's a nice locker because it's close to the Library.

On September 15th I found out that my locker was assigned to someone else. On August 16th I went to Campus Administration, to get the problem resolved. I was told they would investigate.

Today I went to Campus Administration and was told that the locker was now assigned to someone else and that nothing could be done. I was furious. I pretty much gave up and grudgingly decided to pick another locker. Lockers are in short supply, so the lockers still available are in horribly inconvenient locations. I went back into the locker selection website and selected a crappy locker. At that point I came up with a theory about how someone could use the locker selection website to steal someone else's locker. I tested that theory by taking my locker back!

I went back to Campus Administration and presented them with the email that confirmed that the locker was again successfully assigned to me. The woman I was talking with logged into the locker selection system and confirmed that the locker was indeed assigned to me now. She was pretty shocked by what I had been able to do. At that point I told her that it's my locker and I'm keeping it. She then asked me if I could attend a meeting tomorrow with herself, her boss and someone from the IT department. I'm going to the meeting. I think I want to bring an impartial third party with me, so that they feel a bit of pressure to address this issue with some common sense and fairness.

The locker selection web site has been unavailable since shortly after my last conversation with Campus Administration.

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