Friday, September 04, 2009

Optometry Intern

I went to see an Optometrist today and was examined by an Optometry Intern. I think I might have made her day. I have some odd things associated with my vision and got the "Optometry Intern who doesn't want too miss anything, eye exam". I wanted to ask her about her clinical experiences, and some other things about her training to be an Optometrist, but she seemed way too busy while she was assessing my vision/eyes. When she wasn't shining some ridiculously bright light into my eye, I think I saw a "damn that's pretty cool" expression on her face more than once.

My eye exam took an hour and 15 minutes.


  1. Hmm.. I see. Have a great holiday!

  2. What was she looking for...your brain? :)

    No doesn't take that long when I have to see the retina specialist...

  3. A few things made the exam go longer:

    I strongly suspect that she was practicing some assessment skills that aren't commonly used.

    I don't have binocular vision, so that makes my eye exams a bit more complicated.

    My eyes are a bit misaligned. I have something called alternating extropia. I had three eye surgeries, when I was a kid, to correct my "crossed eyes".

    We spent quite a bit of time experimenting with my contact lens Rx. I only wear a contact lens in my left eye...

    I had to wait a few minutes while she was talking with the O.D. about my right eye.

    A part of the eye exam was repeated by the O.D. who ran the clinic. He was looking at something in my right eye, which most Optometrists seem to find interesting.