Saturday, February 23, 2008

Working more

It looks like I'll be working at least 4 days a week until I start school. My boss has decided that I should be responsible for resolving some intransigent problems that haven't been addressed properly. The problems are technical ones that have lasted for months or years and really haven't been tackled with any seriousness. I started working on two of those problems last week and I'm almost finished with one of them. I must admit that I really liked work last week.

I suspect that I could be working full time hours, until school starts, but would like to avoid doing that. On Wednesdays I end up sticking around in the big city and don't start the homeward commute, to the little city, until 11:30PM. On Wednesday evenings, I usually get home at about 2AM. The prospect of getting 2.5 hours of sleep and then starting a 4:30AM commute to work, on Thursday mornings, doesn't appeal to me.

My savings for school have been diminished quite a bit, so working more should be a good thing as far as my finances are concerned.

School starts in 192 days...

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