Saturday, September 22, 2007

Am I semi-retired?

I just realized that over the last 20 months I haven't had a full time job, or wanted one. When I was a full time student, I could use that as an excuse for not having a full time job. Now, because I'll be out of school until September 2008, the only excuse for not having a full time job is the fact that I don't actually want or need one.

After I've become a Respiratory Therapist, will I all of a sudden need or want a full time job?

The fact that I'm only working part time (about 3 days a week) comes up in conversation occasionally. When that fact comes up, it's often greeted with a great deal of sympathy and or pity. The assumption is that I'm down on my luck and actually should be working full time.

This week the knowledge that I was only working part time was greeted with, "Well at least you have a job." I was a little bit perturbed by the way that phrase came across. He could just as easily have said, "Well at least you're not on welfare.", or "Well at least you're not a crack head.".

If I just tell people that I'm semi retired, maybe they won't feel so sorry for me. Maybe I won't find myself constantly feeling the need to justify that I'm 'only working part time'.

Am I semi-retired? Is there a minimum age requirement for semi-retirement? If I actually get a full time job, can I still claim to be semi-retired?


  1. I know what you mean. I worked for years in the hotel business where it was a true grind of 50 hours a week, sometimes 6 days a week. I've worked full time at the hospital on evenings but found that with shift differential I can go to part time nights, pick up days here and there when we're busy and make the same money. Sure, I could work full time on top of that, but if we don't want to, who says we have to? I always say I'm a writer, which I am, and that my schedule gives me time to pursue my other interests...

    They may snark at you but they're probably jealous!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. It is appreciated.