Saturday, September 04, 2010

Looking for an IT job

On Wednesday night, I made the mistake of taking a close look at my finances. I think I know what a full blown panic attack feels like now. I couldn't sleep and was second guessing my chances of getting a decent IT job. I was starting to think that I might have to start looking for really crappy entry level IT positions.

I had an interview on Thursday morning with a potential employer and was pretty pessimistic about it, as I was driving to the interview. Traffic was horrible and I made it just in time. When I walked into the building, I was thinking about all the different ways that the interview could go horribly wrong. I was starting to think of the interview as just a way to get some good interviewing experience and perhaps an opportunity to get some feedback into what I need to do to get back into IT.

The interview was the best one I ever had. My two year absence from IT, and my pursuit of an RT career, was an interesting topic of conversation that left the interviewers thoroughly entertained. The interview was fairly technical and was a big confidence builder. I can still "talk tech" with IT professionals and come across as knowledgeable and competent.

I also had an interview with an IT recruiter on Thursday afternoon. I was still pumped about the interview in the morning, during that interview. The recruiter was pretty enthusiastic about me and the employment opportunities that are available to me.

My interview in the morning was the first IT job that I applied for. I had forgotten about how long the hiring process takes. I applied for that job in early August and was interviewed by a hiring manager over 30 days later!


  1. I found your blog last weekend and read all your posts over the course of 2 days. I was sad to see you have decided to leave the field. I loved your writing, it was helpful to a new RC student like myself.

    Good luck returning to IT. I'm sure it will work out better than you think. Maybe the break was what you needed to renew your passion for IT.

    On another note: if you are positive that you are done with RC, you can sell your library for a small fortune on eBay or Amazon or someplace similar.

  2. So when will you update again? Will you let us know how the transition went or is going..Any regrets or chances of returning to finish what you started? Pleeeeaaasssee update!

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