Saturday, October 31, 2009

Midterm exams

I'm almost finished writing my midterm exams for this semester. I still have a couple of midterms and a test to write next week. The workload for this semester is a bit heavier than last semester. I'm now able to keep on top of things because I figured out how to study effectively and efficiently last semester.

All of the courses I'm taking now, seem relevant and important.

Not drinking vast quantities of coffee has given me a lot more energy. I'm now just drinking tea and diet Pepsi. I sleep like a baby and can study for hours and hours. I've also noticed that I'm not nearly as stressed as I was when I was drinking lots of coffee.

I should be getting my H1N1 shot next week. There have been lots of sick people in school lately, including myself. I wonder how many of them were sick with H1N1. Lots of people in my class are talking about not getting the H1N1 vaccine, for one kooky reason or another. Anti science/medicine kooks are annoying.


  1. OMG - I completely agree that the anti-science/medicine people are driving me insane. Insane. Glad to hear you survived midterms.

  2. It's kind of scary that "those people" are also involved, or going to be involved, in patient care.