Friday, July 17, 2009

My neighbour baffles me

Today my neighbour, in the condo apartment right beside me, was back to his old ways. I wasted 45 minutes hoping that he would knock off the hammering and sawing, until I couldn't take it anymore. At 7:45PM I called and made a noise complaint. The city only had one By-law Enforcement Officer on duty, so it took him about an hour to show up and knock on my neighbour's door. Unfortunately, when he got there, my neighbour wasn't making any noise.

The Officer explained the By-law to my neighbour and made him aware of the fines associated with breaking the noise By-law. The next time my neighbour breaks the By-law I now know that I should call right away, so that the Officer who arrives will actually be able to hear the noise. If my neighbour doesn't smarten up, I'll just follow the By-law Officer's advice and keep on making noise complaints.

What's going through my neighbour's mind? Did he think that after two days of not breaking the noise By-law, I would forget about the fact that all that noise pisses me off?

I don't have to put up with the noise, so why should I? Why does my neighbour think that I would? He really does baffle me.

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